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File Under: LoFi, Pop, Strings, Björk, Agnes Obel, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Burial


she produces, records and writes, fusing electronica with organic elements to create amazing textured music with influences from all over
— Andrew Veeder, BuzzBands.LA

Into the black hole : press release

"See You on the Other Side"

The last line of Ana-Tole’s debut solo electronic album + comic book release, The Arkadian Spring, from Summer 2017.  Ana-Tole resurfaces with a spin-off EP, re-imagining 5 of her tracks in an entirely new way - acoustically packed with lush strings that she arranged, performed and recorded herself.  Including again her most popular track ‘Run’ featuring Logic, which gained lots of radio play on its initial release, Ana-Tole frames Logic’s verse, in a way we’ve yet to hear him - completely cocooned in a bed of lush, emotive strings.  Other collaborations included on this release, are sultry songstress Niia, Amber Ojeda, Tuko, and Ripsy May.  Forever creating music that crosses the boundaries into other disciplines, this EP will also be mixed and released in surround sound, to create a truly immersive sonic environment for the listener. 

Always one for pushing the envelope, since the release of her debut album last summer, Ana-Tole has kept herself busy not only writing & producing her forthcoming comic book mini-series with accompanying EPs, she recently completed a live experience - performing and collaborating using Virtual Reality in Copenhagen, while she continually develops a new Augmented Reality artwork concept for one of her future releases.  Whether you’re into scifi, comics, music, or art - Ana-Tole is definitely one to keep it interesting and always finds unique ways to combine everything she loves. So stay tuned for more cutting edge musical projects and experiences.

We are obsessed with Ana-Tole. Ever since we heard For A Night, we knew we’d found one of our new favorite artists. There’s a certain sound embedded into the fabric of all her tunes that have our heads spinning in circles.
— Kick Kick Snare

Ana-Tole is the moniker of Claire Courchene, an English/American composer living in Copenhagen.  After fulfilling a successful career in Los Angeles, as a multi-instrumentalist & producer, recording, touring, and performing around the world. Claire recently returned to her roots in Europe, to pursue a career in film and television composition.  Through the span of her career she has worked with some of the most prominent names in the music and film industry including Kanye West, Lana del Rey, Frank Ocean, David Lynch, Josh Groban, and Madonna.  Familiar to TV audiences worldwide, Claire has also appeared multiple times on various shows ranging from American Idol, The Voice, Glee, all the late night talk shows, and is a regular on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, as a member of the house band.  Claire now happily lives in Denmark and draws much inspiration from her Scandinavian surroundings, spending her time composing for commercials, TV shows, and indie feature films.