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she produces, records and writes, fusing electronica with organic elements to create amazing textured music with influences from all over
— Andrew Veeder, BuzzBands.LA

Into the black hole

"See You on the Other Side"

The last line of Ana-Tole’s debut solo electronic album + comic book release, The Arkadian Spring, from Summer 2017.  Ana-Tole resurfaces with Into the Black Hole, which is the future of “traditional pop.” If Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald were making new music, this is what it would sound like. A mixture of lush strings, smooth horns, and lofi hip hop beats, meshed with jazzy vocal stylings.

The EP is being mixed in surround sound and will be paired with an AR/VR animated component, to completely engulf the listener both visually and sonically. The ultimate goal of this EP is to be considered for a nomination for Best Immersive Album in the Grammys. Another goal of this project, is to be able to perform in surround sound live in various Planetarium settings, including an accompanying visual element.

Ana-Tole is the brainchild of composer, producer & creator Claire Courchene. Similar to the Gorillaz, Ana-Tole is a fictional character with a nostalgic tendency to love ‘all-things-Earth.’ Ana-Tole cruises around the post-Earth galaxy in her spaceship jamming to lofi jazz/hip hop tunes. Since the projects inception in 2014 Claire has released a number of albums, remixes, and a comic book as Ana-Tole, for which she has garnered much praise for her concept, creativity, and style. On this particular EP, Claire has collaborated with her friends and well-known artists, Logic (Def Jam), Niia (Atlantic), and Robin Hannibal (Rhye/Quadron) among others.

We are obsessed with Ana-Tole. Ever since we heard For A Night, we knew we’d found one of our new favorite artists. There’s a certain sound embedded into the fabric of all her tunes that have our heads spinning in circles.
— Kick Kick Snare

Clips from live band rehearsals:

press collage

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Example live show animation

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